Top 10 questions to ask yourself if you assume you are a victim of narcissistic abuse. [free checklist]

✔️ Learn to understand yourself and instantly check whether you are a victim of narcissistic abuse – miss this first critical step, and you might never get on the right track.

✔️ Discover the essential fundamental basics of narcissistic abuse – most self-development coaches NEVER talk about this!

✔️ Take the crucial first footstep to find meaning again – even if you worry that you will never be able to return to your former self.

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What customers say

” I developed a better understanding of what is going on with me during work-related interactions, and to create tools to help me when I am finding this difficult. In addition, Kevin helped me refocus what I enjoy about my job and the role, and also those whom I work with, without this having a negative impact on me outside of work in my personal life. I have managed to achieve a more productive and confident position. ” – Marc, Ealing

” I cannot thank Kevin enough for the help he has given to me, it means a lot, and I really appreciate it. Since our last set of sessions I have felt better and my friends and family have said they have seen a great improvement in my wellbeing and I have been able to cope with stress, the city life and I have learnt to accept change. ” – Tom, Bristol

” I would recommend Kevin for many reasons. He is incredibly patient, empathetic, friendly and very easy to talk to. Having lost a lot of confidence in my abilities over the past couple of years, he quickly reminded me of my skills and applying these when applying for employment. I feel confident and motivated that I have not felt in a long time and don’t think I would have felt without his help, guidance, and support. ” – Jen, Scotland

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